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Gift Ideas for ALL seasons

Hillary is the source for cool and unique gift ideas. From buying real estate on the moon to custom-made, jeweled sandals from Italy, Hillary can offer gift ideas for just about anyone and just about any occasion.

How search engines fail online shoppers

Internet search engines are great if you're looking for an informational Web site but not if you're looking for a particular product. Why? Because the return is overwhelming and the relevance to a shopper's search is low. Hillary can discuss what search engines must do in order to meet the needs of online shoppers, as well as offer some tricks on how people can improve their chances of finding exactly what they're looking for when shopping online.
The 2007 holiday season marked record increases in online shopping. What's next? Hillary can expertly discuss online shopping trends, from new products to developments in e-retail customer service.

When "overnight shipping" really means you'll get it in two days...

Every retailer has its own way of doing things. Online shops are no exception. Believe it or not, some sites say they ship "overnight" and charge you for it but fail to alert you to the two-day order fulfillment process. This is one of the things thepurplebook investigates before featuring an online shop in any of its guides. Hillary can discuss the other things she looks for in an online shop worthy of inclusion in thepurplebook (and worthy of her customers' patronage!)

Team SAFE-T: Emergency preparedness for kids.

Hillary is one of the founders of Team SAFE-T, which launched following the terrorist attacks of September 11th to increase emergency preparedness education in California schools. The well-received program (First Lady Maria Shriver is a key supporter) provides grade-specific lesson plans, discussion topics, activity worksheets, and take-home assignments designed to teach kids (and their parents) what to do when disaster strikes. Team SAFE-T is being viewed as a model program by FEMA to be replicated across the country.
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